Prof Sue Yeandle

Professor of Sociology, Director, CIRCLE

Sociological Studies

Social Sciences

Research Expertise:

  • Independent Living
  • Carer support through technology
  • Technology-enabled care


Telephone: +44 (0) 0114 222 6485
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I joined the University of Sheffield in 2015 after working at the University of Leeds (2006-15) and other universities. My work focuses on care, work, gender and family, with a special interest in the social dimensions of technologies used in caring contexts. In 2011-14 I led AKTIVE, a TSB-funded academic-industry study of older people with care needs using technology at home, I directed two DH-funded national evaluation studies of support for carers in 2008-11 and have collaborated on numerous EU-funded studies and given expert advice to the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, ICT-AGE, House of Commons Work & Pensions Committee and PM’s National Carers Strategy Task Force. I hold a WUN award on ‘Sustainable Care’ and work closely with Carers UK, Eurocarers and Employers for Carers.

Current Research Projects:

Using technology to support older adults with dual sensory impairment: an everyday life analysis’
A qualitative study of older people with DSI living in different parts of England using telecare or other technologies to support them in daily life. Field research undertaken 2014-15 by K Hamblin (OIPA); E-R Koivunen (University of Leeds) & K Jarrold (Sense).
Sponsor: Sense PI: S Yeandle  Collaborators: University of Leeds & Oxford Institute of Population Ageing
Outputs: Study report ‘Keeping in Touch with Technology? Using telecare and assistive technology to support
older people with dual sensory impairment  Publication and study dissemination date: 10 March 2016.