Madeleine Harrison

Research Associate

School of Health and Related Research

Medicine, Dentistry and Health

Research Expertise:

  • Use of technology for self managed rehabilitation in the long term after a stroke
  • Evaluation of intervention fidelity within randomised controlled trials
  • Qualitative research methods


Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5424
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I am a research associate in the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Group in the School of Health and Related Research. I have worked in the field of stroke research for nearly ten years working on a variety of studies exploring the quality of stroke unit care, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of new rehabilitation interventions.

I currently work on the Big CACTUS trial which is evaluating the clinical and cost-effectiveness of aphasia computer therapy in the long-term post stroke. At the same time I am also undertaking my PhD evaluating the intervention fidelity with which the computer therapy is delivered in the trial and exploring the factors that influence adherence.

Current Research Projects:

  • Big CACTUS trial 2013-2018 [NIHR HTA grant £1.5 million]
  • Evaluating the intervention fidelity of self-managed computer therapy for aphasia post-stroke 2014-2018 [Stroke Association Postgraduate Fellowship £105,000]