Eddie Ball

Reader in Wireless Communications


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Research Expertise:

  • Novel design and application of Radio Frequency (RF) technology (including non-communications applications)
  • High reliability radio links for power constrained devices, such as in future IoT nodes and networks
  • Indoor/outdoor user position detection systems, using energy-effective and cost-effective concepts


Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5839
Email: E.A.Ball@sheffield.ac.uk
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Prior to starting at Sheffield University in November 2015, my career has been entirely in industry:

  • Tunstall Healthcare Ltd (Principal RF Engineer, Radio System Architect) 2011-2015
  • Cambridge Consultants Ltd (Principal RF Engineer in Wireless Business Unit) 1996 – 2011

My industrial expertise is in designing innovative, bespoke wireless & RF systems that require a balanced and holistic view of constituent and allied technologies, to achieve best partitioning for performance vs cost trade-off. I’m very experienced in hardware design for both high and low volume manufacture.

My reach extends from the pre-specification concept creation stage, through all theoretical aspects of RF design, to the practical lab bench development and field test; all core to the creation of a mass producible item.

Current Research Projects:

The following relevant research topics are being formed:-

High-Reliability Radio Systems (for robust and dependable transmission of infrequent message events, such as applied to alarm systems)
RF systems for identifying user locations in indoor & outdoor scenarios associated with a dwelling (low power and cost effective radio technology, incorporating cloud processing for user position detection)

Additionally, the following themes are also being created:

Next-Generation Software Defined Radio architectures & subsystems (high-performance radio systems built using analogue RF hardware, digital hardware and DSP)
Millimetre Wavelength & Microwave RF Transceivers and Systems (high performance circuit concepts for future radio system and integrated circuit design)