Dr Erfan Shahabpoor

Chief scientist on human motor system modelling


Civil and Structural Engineering

Research Expertise:

  • Structural vibrations, human induced vibrations
  • Active, semi-active and hybrid vibration control
  • Human bio-dynamics and biomechanics


Email: e.shahabpoor@sheffield.ac.uk
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Dr Erfan Shahabpoor is a post-doctoral research associate in INSIGNEO institute, the University of Sheffield. He did his bachelor in civil engineering in the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) in 2006. He spent two years in industry thereafter and then came to University of Sheffield (UoS) in 2009 to do his MSc in Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics. He was appointed as lecturer in BIHE in 2009, the role he serves ever since.

Dr Shahabpoor joined Vibration Engineering Research Section (UoS) in 2011 and did his PhD research, funded by the university scholarship, on human-induced structural vibrations and control. In 2014 he joined INSIGNEO institute to work as chief scientist on human motor system modelling.