We bring together and coordinate the activities of over 70 academics, across 17 departments and five faculties at the University of Sheffield. This includes healthcare scientists, engineers, psychologists, computer scientists, architects and social scientists

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We split our research expertise into four themes

  • Assistive Robotics & Social Robotics

    We are developing companion robots for older people; assistive robots for disabled and older people and smart furniture. We are also conducting research into telepresence robots for future applications.

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  • Intelligent Personalised Support

    We are working on sensors and signal processing, data communication, modelling and inference to support people to make decisions about self-managing their health.

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  • Human Communication Technology

    We are creating systems that assist people with disordered speech to communicate with other people, technologies that assist people to interact with machines more easily and analysis tools that can extract information from the speech and audio signal.

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  • Complex Behavioural Interventions

    We are developing interventions and applications to improve mental health and well-being, promote healthy living and enable the self management of long term conditions.

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Join The Team

CATCH is a team of about 50 people, more than 10 of which are PhDstudents. An example of a CATCH PhD project is the Technology forHealthy Aging and Wellbeing (THAW) project.

If you are interested in being a PhD student within CATCH please contact us.