Sheffield Investigator:

Professor Gail Mountain
Dr Peter Bowie

Sheffield Researchers:

Laura Di Bona
Becky Field


North East London NHS Foundation Trust (host)


National Institute of Health Research

The study is called ‘Valuing Active Life in Dementia’ or VALID.  We are looking at the possible benefits of a programme of occupational therapy for people who have been diagnosed with dementia and those who regularly support them.  

Maintaining both everyday and interesting pleasurable activities can be difficult for people with dementia as well as for those who support them. Occupational therapists assist people to continue to participate in activities despite the difficulties that they might be experiencing. They do this by helping people to try new ways of doing things. Some examples of activities are: joining a local group (like a walking group, or a lunch club), continuing to work in the garden, staying in touch with friends, or doing jobs around the house.  They can also assist people to explore new activities.

Researchers in the Netherlands found that providing this occupational therapy programme could benefit both the person with dementia and their supporter. It was also shown to be a good use of money.

The UK research team have developed a similar occupational therapy programme to meet the needs of people living in this country. We are now testing whether this UK programme is beneficial. We are carrying out a randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of the Community Occupational Therapy in Dementia –UK intervention.

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