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Big Cactus: Making a Difference

Big Cactus research continues to have an impact as the story of the project and it's success is shared.

9 May 2019

Guideline Development for Technological Interventions for Children and Young People to Self-Manage Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Our colleagues at CLAHRC YH/TaCT have been busy recently, researching into self management in those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

23 April 2019

Group Exercise in Stroke Survivors: A Review

When somebody has had a stroke, group exercise interventions can be used to keep improving their fitness, strength, activity levels, balance and the way they walk and move. However, we don’t know very much about how good these group fitness interventions are at improving these things.

30 January 2019

Helping people with communication difficulties find their voice

Two new innovative apps, developed in conjunction with CATCH and designed to help people with speech difficulties find their voice, have been launched by Therapy Box.

16 November 2018

Conference calls for more support to unlock the potential of technology

Last month’s annual conference of the EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities) in Barcelona asserted the need for technology-based solutions and assistive technologies to contribute to the provision of high quality, user-centered and community-based support services.

7 November 2018

Hackcessible 2018 – Co-designers and Students meet for the first time

Hackcessible 2018 is off to a fantastic start!

31 October 2018