Prof Luc de Witte

At CATCH we’re growing again. After two Translational Researchers and a Marketing and Communications Officer joined the team earlier this year, we’re now getting ready to welcome Professor Luc de Witte, our new Chair in Health Services Research, on Monday 3rd October 2016.

Professor de Witte is currently Director of the Centre of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology (EIZT) and Professor at both Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. Last week the institutions jointly held a symposium on health care innovation and the potential role of technology to say goodbye to Luc.

On arrival, Luc will lead the theme “Self-management of Health and Wellbeing” which is one of eight focus areas of CATCH’s research. This strand addresses the healthcare needs of people with long-term conditions through the use of new technology. The growth in smart and connected technologies gives the opportunity to provide healthcare in new ways, for example, telemonitoring of symptoms and vital signs, and the growth in machine intelligence opens the possibility of supporting people to self-manage their own health conditions through providing appropriate advice, information and therapy.

Luc has an exciting few first few months coming up as he arrives in Sheffield. Colleagues from the University of Sheffield will have a great opportunity to meet Luc at our October Networking Lunch where he’ll be introducing himself with a presentation about his exciting projects that are already underway.

Researchers and organisations in the field of assistive technologies will meet him at the Technology for Independence (T4I) conference in November. We’re excited to have him as our plenary speaker at the T4I conference to be held in Sheffield on Monday 28th November 2016.

We look forward to offering Luc a breadth of opportunities in his research as he joins the University of Sheffield. CATCH benefits from strong connections across faculties within the University, with other institutions and with industry. We’ll be rolling out the orange carpet next week!

To join us for the Networking Lunch please contact Laura Murray. To register for the T4I Conference please visit the website: