As part of UK Robotics Week, Sheffield Robotics and CATCH will be hosting open labs on Monday 26th June.

Come and explore robotics research at the University of Sheffield, and how robots could impact on our everyday lives. Meet Pepper, a state of the art humanoid robot (pictured above), and find out how it could help:

  • stroke survivors to do their physio exercises
  • people to stay more independent in their own home by assisting with routine tasks


Join us at three exciting venues on Monday 26th June:

From 1pm – 2pm we will be holding short talks about “Robotics and Social Care” in The Diamond (lecture theatre 3). Come and hear from Professors Tony Prescott and Luc de Witte, as well as Sebastian Conran from Consequential Robotics. These talks will provide you with a great introduction to the afternoon in the labs and we especially invite older adults to listen to these talks.

From 2pm – 5pm, both the Robot Foundry (Pam Liversidge building, Newcastle Street) and the CATCH Home Lab (Innovation Centre) will be open to staff and members of the public.

At the Robot Foundry, Sheffield Robotics researchers will be on hand to discuss the latest robotics research and give demonstrations from our wide range of projects. Discover how we are using robots to learn about the amazing abilities of bees and humans; work with a collaborative robot that could take dreary and dangerous work out of manufacturing; and find out about our work building real-life transforming robots!

The CATCH Home Lab will showcase demonstrations of robots linked with speech technology such as MiRo – our MiRo pet-like social companion robot.  MiRo understands simple commands like ‘come here’ and ‘how are you today’? Being able to speak to a companion robot often makes people feel less lonely or bored. Robot pets also have advantages over real pets such as hygiene which becomes an issue in a hospital or care home.


There’s no need to register, just drop in on the day at any of the venues below.

The Diamond – LT2 – from 1pm – 2pm

32 Leavygreave Rd


S3 7RD


Sheffield Robotics – from 2pm – 5pm

Robot Foundry

B09 Pam Liversidge Building

On the corner of Broad Lane and Newcastle Street

S1 3PD


CATCH Home Lab – from 2pm – 5pm

Innovation Centre

217 Portobello


S1 4DP


Follow the conversation using the hashtag #UKRW17 and follow @ukroboticsweek to stay up to date.


If you’d like to find out more about our research or other UK Robotics Week events being held, please get in touch with Laura Murray.