Healthy ageing within your reach. Shaping new technologies to support mental wellbeing for older people.

On Thursday 9th June from 10.00am – 3.30pm, we’re holding the second Technology for Healthy Ageing and Wellbeing (THAW) event in The Diamond (Workroom 1) at the University of Sheffield, Leavygreave Road, S3 7RD.

If you are an older person, health professional, charity, researcher or service provider in Sheffield, we’d love for you to join us.

This workshop will focus on how we involve older people (over 65) in shaping new technologies for mental wellbeing. At the event, you will discover some new technologies that are already being developed for older adults to support mental wellbeing. We will also update you on our own research and ask you to share your knowledge and experiences to help shape new technology in this area.

To confirm your place, or receive more information, please contact Laura Murray

If you would like to join us but are not confident, let us know and we will try to support you to attend.Please click here for more information on the THAW project and here for a write up from the 2015 THAW event.