A successful project and collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the Community Health Division of Bangalore Baptist Hospital.

The Community Health Division of Bangalore Baptist Hospital has been serving the underprivileged since it’s inception and extends it’s services to 1,065 villages and rural districts in Bangalore including slums. In collaboration with the University of Sheffield, the Community Health Division has been working with local women in the communities to train and empower them to help look after the health of their communities. The women, known as Health Navigators, have taken healthcare to the doorstep of their communities and become the interface between their communities and Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Whilst Government Services closed, the Health Navigators have continued through Covid19 and have helped in preventing heart attacks, strokes and early death through the regular blood pressure checks they provide to members of their community.
This is a great example of a successful and rewarding project undertaken by Professor Luc de Witte at the University of Sheffield. Please watch the full video here.