Professor Luc de Witte discusses research being undertaken, with colleagues in India in the Bangalore slums, in a recently published article (BMC Public Health Journal) which explores the teams latest findings and the future of the project.

The research undertaken is discussed in the article entitled ‘Health issues in a Bangalore slum: findings from a household survey using a mobile screening toolkit in Devarajeevanahalli’. The article discusses the results and progression of the project, and future implementation of  a ‘toolkit’  to address the health concerns raised in the study and as a way of implementing active health screening .

Proffessor Luc de Witte says of the project ‘In an earlier project we have, together with partners in India, developed a screening toolkit that can be used by non-medically trained people to screen for the most important and common chronic health conditions. It was specifically designed for use in urban slums. Recently a scientific paper describing the results of a survey in a large slum in Bangalore, India, was published. It clearly shows that there are dramatic numbers of people needing medical care and thus the importance of active screening. In a current project we are implementing the toolkit and the screening approach in another urban slum and in a number of rural villages.’

You can read the full article here.