Last week, CATCH Professor Luc de Witte facilitated two workshops in Bangalore.

Mutually organised by CATCH, Zuyd University and BMS College of Engineering, the first of the two workshops was on the theme of Assistive Technology and Autonomous Systems. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the possibilities of more structured collaboration in education and research among the three organisations and Manipal University in India.

At this event, a lot of interest was expressed in the CATCH project in which a mobile screening toolkit for urban slum settings has been developed to be operated by non-medically trained people. This project is part of the larger programme ‘Health in Slums’, in which Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht University and CATCH collaborate with Indian partners.

The second event was organised by the Dutch Embassy in India on the topic of “how can collaboration between educational institutes, companies and healthcare organisations be facilitated” with the question of how we connect education to this. At this workshop, Prof de Witte presented the screening toolkit project as an example of what a good model for such collaboration might look like.

Across these two events, a lot of enthusiasm was generated and a serious interest in working with other collaborators in order to expand the model in the UK was explored.

To find out more about our work around Health in Slums, visit the project page or contact CATCH’s Centre Manager, Simon Butler.