Join us for a seminar entitled “Health in Slums: Challenges and potential solutions” by Professor Luc de Witte on Tuesday 14th February from 12.30 as part of the ScHARR Seminar Series.

Favelas, kijiji, chanty towns, johpadpatti, mudukku, kampungs, barriadas and aashiwa’i, these are all descriptions of human settlements known in English as slums. Today, around 32% (1 billion) of the world’s urban population live in slums and is projected to increase to about 2 billion in 30 years.

Urban slums are characterised by extreme poverty and challenging living conditions that compromise the health and wellbeing of slum dwellers and can lead to disastrous consequences to countries with large urban slum communities. Can we do something about it?

Professor Luc de Witte, CATCH Professor and renowned name in the field of technology and innovative healthcare is our guest speaker at the next ScHARR Seminar with this talk.

Come along on Tuesday 14th February from 12.30 in the Pemberton Lecture Theatre B, Regent Court to hear this talk, meet Luc informally and become familiar with his work ahead of his much anticipated Inaugural Lecture on Friday 10th March.

For more information, please download the flyer or contact Sarah Abdi.

Luc’s Lecture-ScHARR seminar series