This paper describes international actions to collaborate in the assistive technology (AT) arena and provides an update of programmes supporting AT globally.

Professor Luc de Witte has collaborated with colleagues from around the world to produce this latest article entitled “Opening the Gate: systems thinking from the global assistive technology alliance”. This paper is a ‘call to action’, showcasing emerging AT networks as exemplars of a distributed, but integrated mechanism for addressing AT needs globally, and describing the Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organisations (GAATO) as a vehicle to facilitate this global networking.

Partners in this Global Alliance aim to advance the field of assistive technology by promoting shared research, policy advocacy, educating people and organisations within and outside the field, teaching, training and knowledge transfer by pulling together broad-based membership organisations.

Members of GAATO (Global Alliance of AT Organisations), of ALATA and of ACAT are pleased to share the latest article. Free to download at this link <>