CloudCAST is an International Network funded by the Leverhulme trust and supported by CATCH for 3 years.

Its vision is

‘.. to provide a way in which rapid developments in machine learning and speech technology can be placed in the hands of professionals who deal with speech problems: therapists, pathologists, linguists, teachers, assistive technology experts.. We will do this by creating a free-of-charge, remotely-located, internet-based resource ‘in the cloud’ which will provide a set of software tools for personalised speech recognition, diagnosis, interactive spoken language learning and the like. We will provide interfaces which make the tools easy to use for people who are not speech technology experts and create a self-sustaining CloudCAST community to manage future development.’
CloudCAST is a development of the pioneering work at Sheffield for the last decade on Clinical Applications of Speech Technology (the CAST in CloudCAST) by  a team from SCHARR, HCS and Computer Science. The other  partners are in Toronto, Bologna and Jamaica.

The CloudCAST coordinator is Professor Phil Green, The network will employ a research facilitator, Dr Juan Morales Cordovilla, from January 2015.