Our sight: improving detection and support for older people with sight loss is part of the CATCH programme, “Collaboration Aiming to Build Occupational Therapy Research” (CABOT 2). In support of National Eye Health Week (NEHW), we’re sharing our findings so far.

This year, researchers Dr Peter Cudd, Surinder Bangar and Jennifer Read have embarked on a project to understand the current situation in Sheffield to enable us to improve detection and access to care for older people with sight loss in the city with a view to co-productively improving services if required.

Many older people with sight loss in the UK are going undetected or untreated leading to unnecessary sight loss. This is due to insufficient communication across agencies delivering care and lack of knowledge and awareness amongst the public and teams delivering support.

Meetings have taken place with a public engagement group as well as professionals and volunteer teams to understand the landscape and identify gaps in awareness of available services and support. The research journey so far has resulted in increased networking and awareness in a location where quality and breadth of services are already of a high standard.


From 19th – 25th September 2016, NEHW sees organisations and charities join together to promote the importance of eye health and reiterate that vision really matters.

To find out more about this research and the other projects under the CABOT 2 umbrella, please visit our website or contact Laura Murray.