The MALT project recently ran a successful dissemination event - Telehealth Industry meets Health Communities – in Sheffield.

The event brought together commercial and NHS representatives from the MALT project’s research sites to learn about and discuss the findings from the project so far. The day hosted three presentations from each of the MALT workstreams (all of which are available to download on the MALT website) –

  • Financial modelling for telehealth
  • Mainstreaming telehealth: Challenges of current business models
  • Building evidence from the frontline: Learning from experience and clinical practice to achieve successful telehealth implementation

There was plenty of interest in the current and future work of the project with delegates considering and debating the barriers to using telehealth. There was a clear appetite for the financial modelling tool for telehealth, with insightful discussion of the rationales for using telehealth and potential viable future business models.

Advance notice was given of the final project dissemination event on 30th September 2014 in Sheffield. If you would like more information about this or any other elements of the project, please contact Lizzie Coates. Her email is