An intelligent shoe that aims to help stroke survivors improve their walking and reduce the likelihood of falls has been chosen to feature in a new exhibition at a government office in London.

The innovative SMART-Stroke project is on display at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in Victoria Street. It sits alongside a video filmed by the project researchers.

The project, led by Researchers from CATCH and the National Institute for Health Research’s Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (NIHR CLAHRC) for Yorkshire and Humber, and hosted by Sheffield Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, uses a hi-tech set of WalkiNSense insoles, developed by local Sheffield Company Kinematix.
The sensors capture pressure while stroke survivors practise vital rehabilitation exercises –relaying feedback on how fast they are walking, distance travelled, steps taken and whether there is equal weight distribution in their step and balance.

The exhibition sits in a prime position in the ministerial department and is seen by up to 2000 people, including ministers and other government officials, everyday.

“We are delighted that our research into rehabilitation technologies has been chosen for display at BEIS as we believe our work will not only improve the lives of people surviving a stroke but also build a strong medical technology sector here in Yorkshire and Humber.”
Professor Sue Mawson. Director.

The SMART-Stroke project was chosen to be one of the first exhibits to reflect the key parts of the Industrial Strategy White Paper. This sets out Grand Challenges to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future, ensuring that the UK takes advantage of major global changes, improving people’s lives and the country’s productivity.

The first four Grand Challenges are focused on the global trends which will transform our future:
• growing the Artificial Intelligence and data driven economy
• clean growth
• future of mobility
• ageing society


For more information on the SMART-Stroke project visit the CATCH research project pages and the NIHR CLAHRC website.

More information on the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges can be found here.

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