The 2020 International Conference on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies

The 2020 International Conference on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies, organised by the iCare project consortium, is taking place from 28-29 August in Gaza, Palestine. iCareTech2020 brings together researchers, academics, biomedical and clinical engineers, global experts, politicians and decision makers, representatives of the medical technology industry and all those involved with the wide variety of engineering and health technologies that are shaping the way rehabilitation service is being delivered today and in the future.
iCareTech2020 gathers researchers and practitioners from academia, service providers and industry to discuss the latest innovations, inceptive ideas and best practices in the field of Rehabilitation Technologies in its broadest sense. Contributions are invited from a wide spectrum of fields related to Rehabilitation and Disability Technologies down the value chain; Research, Design and Development, Production and Distribution, Service Delivery, Education, Training, Use, Impact and Policy Making.
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