Peter Cudd FTB

On Monday 12th September 2016, the Research Institute Technology and Disability (FTB), one of the founding members of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) celebrated its 25th anniversary in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dr Peter Cudd, President of AAATE and Senior Researcher within CATCH delivered the congratulations of the board on behalf of the organisation to FTB and 300 guests including the President of the North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) Parliament and the Social Minister of NRW.

Peter honoured the contributions of FTB hosting the AAATE 1999 conference alongside REHACARE in Düsseldorf and the important activities during the presidency of Christian Bühler (FTB). During his period, the international agreement on cooperation with RESNA and RESJA – the Tokushima Agreement – was signed and the continuation of EU calls in the organisation’s research field was achieved.

Around 300 guests attended the ceremony. The afternoon session “Technology for Inclusion and Participation” provided perspectives of user experts with disabilities, service providers, policy and research. It became very obvious that AT and accessibility are appreciated by the experts but need further development and implementation.

Congratulations FTB.