Abigail Millings has received £26,868 from the ESRC Seminar Series Competition for 'Applying relationships science to contemporary interventions'.

This grant will fund 9 meetings over 3 years bringing together academics with expertise in relationships and interventions, and makers of contemporary interventions from the commercial and third sectors.

The grant is a collaboration between Sheffield (Dr Abigail Milings, PI), UEA (Dr Judi Walsh, Co-I), Sussex (Dr Kate Cavanagh, Co-I), Southampton (Dr Kathy Carnelley, Co-I), and Bristol (Dr Angela Rowe, Co-I). As such, the series will comprise meetings at all 5 institutions.

The series aims to focus on using relationships science to increase the effectiveness of contemporary interventions (e.g. by harnessing social networks and embedding relational factors). The series will kick off in Sheffield for its inaugural meeting in the new year (probably late Jan/early Feb). Anyone wishing to be added to the mailing list for these events should contact the PI Abigail Millings.