CATCH was honoured this week to host a visit from one of our partners in India.

Professor Luc De Witte welcomed Saphna Behar and George Mathews, the directors of Icarus Nova, an innovation and product development firm, based in Bangalore, with a focus on MedTech and Healthcare.

Professor De Witte recently worked on a successful project with the company in which they developed a mobile diagnostic toolkit for slums in India.

Professor Luc De Witte

The extent to which urban slum communities can access formal health care is very limited. The toolkit project developed a prototype, specifically designed to meet the health issues of the area, which can be used in low resource areas and operated by non-medically trained people. Read more about the project here.

The Icarus Nova team, who have worked with large healthcare companies such as Philips and Siemens, were keen to meet with the CATCH team and talk about the possibility of future collaborations.

Read more about Icarus Nova and their work here.